NYE 2019 Shutdown party: Being a TRC-Events Promoter: To be a promoter

· You will need to be enthusiastic about what you are trying to promote, this is the best newcomer events company around.
· Know exactly what you are promoting and what people will get for their money.

What is the event?

  •  NYE party – Doors open at 7pm – 2am
  • There will be a DJ playing chart music, Hip Hop, RnB and old school classics.
  • Popcorn stands and other entertainment.
  • Bar serving alcohol and soft drinks.
  • Photographer who will take a picture on red carpet on entrance and throughout the night that will be available on social media after, for free.
  • To buy alcohol ID needed for 18+

How to promote the event

· Through social media with a picture of the event leaflet. You will get a discount code available to you, which you can put on social media, and when people use it, you will get commission from it. Share, share, share and follow the page @trcevents – and make sure your friends follow too. Keep it front of mind!

  • Word of mouth – tell everyone and anyone about the event.
  • There will be alcohol that is being served as well, so let people know

Benefits/Earning money!

· 5% commission on every single ticket purchased, offer commission up to £3 paid to you on someone else buying a ticket with your code!
· You have the ability to offer 5% off their ticket purchase. Commission will come from people using the discount code you provide which is unique to yourself and you can request an updated list when you wish, of payments made – by contacting contact@trc-events.com

Bonuses on top of commissions….

· If you sell over 50 tickets you will get a FREE bottle of Ciroc (we can give something else upon request prior to the event).
· If you sell 20 tickets, you will get 2 free alcoholic drinks of your choice. TIP, if your friend group all sell 20 each, you all get free drinks!

· If you sell 10 tickets, you will get 2 free soft drinks

If people want to pay

· Explain they have to go onto this website
· Click on buy tickets and enter the discount code unique to you, which will give them 5% off the ticket price.
· Once they pay for the ticket online, they will automatically get sent a confirmation email with a ticket receipt and a QR code which they need on the day to scan at the door

How to become a promoter!!!

What are you waiting for? Best way to make easy money…

  1. Contact this address: contact@trc-events.com with the message I WANT TO BECOME A PROMOTER!
  2. Get discount code for 5% allocated to you via email, which you can share on social media over and over
  3. If people continue to share this and keep using your code, you will be raking in the commission. Email us to find out how many have, at any given time
  4. Reap the benefits. Cash and free drinks… easy!